Applebee’s Survey at 2022

Applebees Survey Guide

The Applebees Survey is available at It allows customers to share their recent dining experiences. You will also need your receipt to participate in the survey.

After completing the survey, you can also leave feedback and be eligible to win the Applebees sweepstakes. 

Applebees Survey Guide

We will then send you details about the Applebees sweepstakes and instructions and requirements for your Applebees survey.

Applebees Survey Reward & Tips

Anybody who completes the Applebees Survey can enter the Applebees Sweepstakes provided that they meet certain requirements. These requirements will be discussed in the next section. 

The Applebees Sweepstakes grand prize is $1000. This prize is then awarded monthly to one sweepstakes participant. You can also win weekly prizes worth $100

After completing the survey, you can enter the sweepstakes by entering your contact information. You can also find the link to the entire Applebees Sweepstakes rules requirements .

Applebees Survey Requirements

Applebees Survey

Participants in the Applebees Survey must be at least 16 years of age to take the survey. To access the questionnaire, you will need a receipt that includes a serial number. 

This number acts as a password to the survey. There are two types. The first is 9-digits in length. The other one is then 13-digits in length. Both will work. You will also be asked for some details about your Applebees visit. 

Depending on which survey code you have, these details may include the date, the time, check number and server name.

You must be at minimum 18 years of age to enter the sweepstakes. You or a member of your household must have worked or are currently working at Applebees in order to be eligible for the sweepstakes. Participants must also be legal residents of America.

Applebees Survey Step by-Step Instructions

  1. Visit the Applebees Survey website. You can find the survey at
  2. Take note of the type of survey code that you have. The page will allow you to enter a code of 13 digits by default. If your code is more than 9-digits in length, click the ” I have another receipt ” link.
  3. Enter your code from receipt. In the “Serial Number” field, enter the code.
  4. Add more information. You’ll need to include a few details about your Applebees experience. All the information is available on your receipt.
  5. Answer all survey questions. These questions will focus on Applebees’ food and customer service. To provide more details and suggestions, you can leave a longer Comment.
  6. Enter sweepstakes. You will need to complete the survey in order to be eligible for the Applebees Sweepstakes.

Applebees Useful Information and Links

Java and cookies are required to access the website. Before you enter the survey code, make sure they are turned on. You may not be able to access the survey later if the website stops functioning after you have entered the code.

You can find information about the restaurant’s menu and locations on the Applebees main website or the Applebees location finder.

These contact options are available if you wish to speak with an Applebees customer representative.

  • Applebees Phone number: 1.888.592.7753
  • Applebees Mailing address:Applebee’s Services, Inc. 8140 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 641114

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