Auntie Anne’s Feedback Survey at 2022

Auntie Anne’s Feedback Survey

Auntie Anne’s Pretzeltalk Survey: Who wouldn’t like pretzels? It’s an exclusive location to take your partner, you as well as your entire family. Also, Auntie Anne’s is well-known for its outstanding customer service as well as its great offers.

Today, they permit their customers to take part in Their Pretzel Talk customer feedback survey on in order to take advantage of the chance to win an exclusive auntie Anne’s discount code the next time you visit. What’s not to love?

Auntie Anne’s Feedback Survey

The company would like honest feedback on your recent visit. This will help make the experience more enjoyable. Auntie Anne’s discount code will be emailed via email to you.

Why They are Conducting the Pretzeltalk Survey

The aim of this survey is to collect your honest feedback regarding Auntie Anne’s services, products, along with other aspects. 

Auntie Anne will be grateful for your comments. They will be able to answer your inquiries and could make changes in the future.

You will be asked a couple of questions to enhance your performance in areas of speed of service as well as food quality and cleanliness.

They will also assess the attitude of staff, etc. Participants must respond to each question honestly and with accuracy.

Pretzel Talk Feedback Survey Reward

Each time you complete a survey you’ll be awarded a coupon code that you can use to get a pretzel for free on the next purchase.

The amount of the prize may change depending on the time of year so make sure to check your sales receipt to find out the precise details regarding the prizes. 

The prize could be subject to certain conditions and conditions that can be found on the receipt.

There isn’t a cash alternative in the event of lost or stolen items and no replacements are provided. The promo code is valid to be utilized for 30 days in any of the pretzel stores to purchase food or drink.

Auntie Anne’s Customer Feedback Survey Rules and Requirements

  • The sale receipt from Auntie Anne’s should be made available to you.
  • The reward on the purchase receipt is only able to be redeemable at a single time by the customer.
  • A single receipt of sales won’t permit applicants to join several times.
  • Do not share or swap the coupon with anyone else.
  • Visit Auntie Anne’s for a chance in order to redeem the coupon after 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Pretzeltalk Feedback survey respondents must be fluent in English in order to respond to survey questions.
  • You have to bring the receipt of purchase with the coupon code printed on it to get the coupon offer.
  • It is recommended to be using an internet-connected device such as tablets, smartphones, or a PC.
  • To be qualified to be eligible, applicants must also be citizens of the United States.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old to be able to participate in the survey on

Quicksteps to Win Auntie Anne’s Free Pretzel Coupon

Auntie Anne’s Free Pretzel Coupon

Begin your Pretzel Talk Feedback Survey by going to http://www.

Enter the identification number of the transaction and then click”Next. “Next” button to start the survey.

Choose the information of the Auntie Anne’s store you’ve visited. The store name includes state, country city, state, and store’s name.

Start by answering all the survey questions based on your own experience at the store. Be sure that all responses are genuine and authentic.

After you have answered all the questions, you should add your contact information such as name phone number, mobile number, as well as and e-mail address.

Select your age group and gender to determine your classification.

Then, you can submit then the Pretzel Talk survey Then, you’ll be notified of the validation number shortly via an e-mail.

How to Do the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Talk Survey at – Detailed Guide

1. Bring your smartphone and visit Auntie Anne’s surveys page by visiting

sales from you

2. Then, take the receipt for sales from your Auntie Anne’s and then enter the transaction number you will need to complete the survey.

3. A new page will be opened when you click”Next” or the “Next” button. After that, you will need to enter the details of the store you visited the last time(Country city, state, state as well as the store)

4. Additionally, you can begin to assess the overall satisfaction you have with your experience in the shop before moving to the next stage.

5. There is now the list of questions. take a look, and respond to the questions that pertain to your visit. Be truthful since your comments affect Auntie Anne’s life and make an enormous impact. Make sure to answer questions.

6. You will also have the chance to share your satisfaction or any issues that you’ve encountered during your visit.

7. Then, they’ll invite you to be contacted by the company. You must select “Yes either phone or e-mail” to proceed.

8. Include your personal contact details like your full name, email address, and the number of your phone.

9. Enter your gender, your age, and other details, and then click the submit button.

10. You will now get your validation code via email. You can then visit the closest Auntie Anne’s location to redeem the offer printed on the purchase receipt.

About Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s is a chain of American franchised pretzel shops that Anne F. Beiler founded in 1988 with Jonas. Auntie Anne’s sells a variety of products including dips, pretzels, and beverages. 

Auntie Anne’s also offers homemade baking mixes and pretzels. Auntie Anne’s motto is “Pretzel perfection.”

Auntie Anne’s Contact Details

Phone Number: 1-877-778-9588
Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 18.00

Contact Page:

Final Words

That’s right. That’s it. Today’s piece will focus on Auntie Anne’s guest satisfaction survey. All the essential topics have been covered, including the survey instructions and the participation guide. is available for any questions regarding the Pretzeltalk Survey. Survey FAQ

What are the benefits of taking part in the Pretzel Talk Survey?

After completing the survey, you will be given an Auntie Anne’s discount code for a free pretzel. This code can then be used at any Auntie Anne restaurant.

Is Pretzel Talk anonymous?

Yes. Yes. They take great care with the information of their customers. They keep it confidential. Visit the privacy page for more information.

What is the Pretzeltalk survey?

You can find Auntie Anne’s Pretzeltalk survey on This survey takes just 2 minutes and aims to get your honest feedback about the products, services, etc. 

You will be eligible for a coupon code from Auntie Anne that can be used on your receipt to redeem the offer.

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