Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits Perks Discount and Login 2022

Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. is an American multinational corporation established by Conrad Hilton in May 1919 with the aim of helping hotels around the globe to become warm and comfortable places for tourists to stay while on their journeys. 

The headquarters of Hilton is located situated in Tysons Corner, Virginia, U.S., and is currently run by Christopher J. Nassetta. 

Hilton Hotel Employee Benefits

Hilton manages a range of resorts and hotels across more than 118 countries, and also owns 15 brands in various markets. 

Hilton is known for its extravagant amenities and is situated in close proximity to the airports as well as convention centres that attract business travellers. Hilton has accommodated over 3 billion visitors over the last century.

Hilton offers a wide range of benefits for its employees around the world. Employees can avail these benefits through the official Hilton employee benefits website. 

Benefits for health and insurance that full time employees receive include vision insurance, life insurance dental insurance temporary disability insurance accidental death and dismemberment insurance, as well as longer-term disability coverage. 

Additionally, it provides severance payment. Hilton’s health insurance plan Hilton provides a substantial amount of health insurance costs.

The financial and retirement benefits Hilton provides are profit sharing as well as a defined contribution pension plan, 401(k) plan, and a defined benefit pension. 

Certain benefit are tax-free and employees can take advantage of tax deductions on benefits that are not tax-free.

Other benefits for employees include medical leave for family members and reimbursement of tuition costs and financial aid under certain circumstances. 

Based on Hilton’s PTO and vacation policy, employees receive 20-30 days of vacation each year. 

Benefits offered at Hilton’s PTO Program translates into the equivalent of $500 to $1,000 in cash value per month.

Hilton Employee Discounts:

The discounts for employees offered by Hilton are referred to as “Go Hilton Team Member’. Likewise, the discounts for family members and friends are called “Go Hilton family Friends Price’. 

With the discounts offered by Hilton employees that are offered, the cost of a hotel room will be substantially less. The rates of different hotels with discounts for employees are provided as follows: Table.

Hotel Cost Per Night Per Room In USD
Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites 35
Hilton hotels & resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, and Tapestry. 45
Canopy, Curio, and Hilton Grand Vacations 55
Waldorf Astoria and Conrad 75

Every employee is entitled to reserve 30 nights at hotels with employee discounts each year. In contrast, with discounts for family and friends the possibility of booking seventy nights per year. 

Every employee is able to book at most two rooms in the name of their employer and two rooms with friend and family rate for up to seven nights in the same row. 

An employee may also first book two rooms by using the discount offered to employees for seven nights. Then make another booking for seven days by using the discounts for friends and families and get 14 nights in all.

The discounts for employees include complimentary breakfast for two people outside from the Americas and the possibility of a 50% discount on drinks and food expenses across the globe. 

Additionally, employees do not have to pay resort charges and will receive access for free to the facilities and amenities offered there.

If an employed at Hilton for at least two decades, they are able to continue to use these discounts for the remainder of their lives, even when they leave their position. But, they will not have the right to any friends or family discounts from that point on.

Hilton’s Work Environment

As per Great Place To Work, ninety-three percent of employees think they work at Hilton is a good workplace. 

In numerous online reviews from Hilton staff that Hilton offers a friendly and welcoming working environment. 

Hilton is aware of the significance maintaining the mental wellbeing that its workers. This is why Hilton has developed numerous mental health programs and offers guidelines and resources for employees to maintain their mental health. 

Hilton is determined to help its employees to excel mentally and physically both at work as well as in their private lives.

Additionally, Hilton provides its employees with free wellness programs as well as gym memberships at certain areas to assist its employees keep fit and lower their stress levels.

Hilton has earned the top spot at the top of the 2020 World’s Best Workplaces List. Additionally, as per Great Place To Work, Hilton is ranked as the third most desirable company to work for in 2021 in the list of Fortune 100 companies. 

Hilton has managed to earn the third place because of its ongoing efforts to look after its employees and the community in the midst during Covid-19 which is scheduled to begin in 2020.

Hilton Employee Education Assistance Program

The employee education assistance program at Hilton can provide up to $1000 to each employee annually. Hilton has updated the program for employee education to include the Cengage Career Online High School program. 

It’s designed to assist more than 5000 employees earn graduation certificates from high schools. 

When they graduate from the program, the students are able to pursue a professional certificate that is a credential in four areas: the basic requirements for a job in office management customer service, management of office retail industry, and the hospitality and food industry.

They can also take on one of the following careers such as caring for children, education or commercial driving as well as homeland security and protection officer. 

The program is offered at no cost to Hilton employees working in America. U.S. who have worked for minimum six months at the Hilton office or at a property managed or owned by Hilton.


In short, Hilton is a holistic workplace that employees are offered many benefits and discounts throughout their time at the company as well as following the end of their employment according to the length of their employment at Hilton. 

Additionally, Hilton also emphasizes the mental and physical health that its workers enjoy.


How much do Hilton Hotels make in a year?

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. reported 4.31 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020, a decrease of 51.63 percent from total revenue of the year.

Do Hilton employees receive complimentary tickets to the airport?

Hilton offers discounts to the travel industry of 25 to 50% for employees of airlines who are based outside within the United States. The discount can only be used when it is utilized within 90 days from the time of arrival.

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