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aka. and your PC. The Phone from Microsoft is Microsoft’s response to your Android Gadgets from your Windows system. From the beginning.

It comes with aka. and your PC all the features that casual users might like, such as responding to messages from your computer or printing. 

aka. and your PC

In this article, we’ve chosen to go over the specifics of aka. and your PC. With the help of PC and you will be able to control the entire phone app from your PC. 

You can manage information such as messages, notifications galleries, and messages, you can control any other application using Windows PC with the assistance of a single app, namely Windows Phone App, so we’ll get going.

Requirements To Link Your Phone To The Windows PC

Your Phone doesn’t require a lot from a hardware standpoint. Outside of the Android application, there are several important requirements to connect.

 Your Phone App
  • It is your Phone Companion Application- This is an application that is required to sync windows apps on Android Gadgets do not worry if you don’t have this app installed for your Android device; do not be concerned and head to the aka. more your PC. This will lead you to the official application page for Your Phone attendant on the Google Play Store.
  • Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity both devices need to be connected to a secure and reliable internet or wi-fi.
  • Download Your Phone application on your Windows PC.
  • The device you use for Android gadget will be requiring Bluetooth quite obviously, but the same is true for your computer.
  • But, you should not rush to get a Bluetooth adapter or a similar device If your computer did not previously have Bluetooth.

How To Connect www. aka. ms/YourPC Using Android Phone:

The Phone app isn’t the best and does not have the practice of disconnecting the connection when you begin to desire to use it. 

However, eventually, Microsoft will upgrade it as time goes by. In the meantime, here’s how to connect your Android smartphone to your Windows PC.

  • First of all Install the Your Phone Companion, after doing that Link to the windows app on your device by going to.
  • After that, log in to the application making use of the Microsoft account you have signed onto your computer. Make sure you’re signed in using the account you have on your computer in order to be able to complete the procedure.
  • Following that, you will be requested to take a picture of a QR Code that will be displayed on your computer.
  • Open up a browser on the PC for the QR code and go to www. aka. ms/link phone.
  • The website will ask you to open the application if your phone’s companion app is installed on yours. When you click ‘Open The Phone’, the app will open and show the QR code that you can scan.
  • After that, you can scan the QR code using Your Android device.
  • Accept the permission that is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Once you have done this, both devices will join to allow you to take advantage of all the advantages.

How To Link Your Phone App By Using Windows PC

Here’s how to connect your mobile application using a Windows PC with the simplest steps all you have to do is follow the steps listed below.

on Windows

  • You can install Your Phone application on your Windows PC by going to Microsoft Store.
    In the taskbar, search for the search option. Then type Your Phone app in there and click on it.
  • You’ll need to choose the model of the phone.
  • After that, log in using your Microsoft account. be aware that the account must be the same account that was used to log in for the phone.
  • Installation of your Your Phone Companion application on the Android smartphone. For doing that go to the your phone’s desired web browser. If this link isn’t working for you, visit the Playstore and download the app.
  • After that, sign into the companion app using the same Microsoft account you use on your PC. A screen that scans a QR code will be displayed on the mobile.
  • On your PC, you’ll need to select one of the following options:
  • “I am using installed the Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone”. this will show the QR code that is required to scan with your phone.
  • “Pair with QR code” or ”Pair manually”. This option will show a code that needs to be entered into your phone.
  • When the devices have successfully connected, allow the permissions to be requested on your screen, as by doing so, you’ll be able to utilize all features available in the companion app for your phone.

How To Unlink Your Device In My Phone Companion Application

Have you updated your Gadget or do you have to connect a different Gadget with your phone’s Your Phone app? 

We’ve provided you with everything you need!. You can easily disconnect devices using the above methods with ease, so this is what you have to do to disconnect the devices.

Process making use of www. aka. ms/your phone to mobile The following are the steps to follow:

  • Install the companion application on your phone.
  • From the top-right corner click on the settings tab and select Accounts.
  • Look for the exact Microsoft account from which you recently signed in on your Windows PC. Click on the Sign Out Option next to the account.
  • Follow the above steps to remove the Android smartphone from the Phone application.

Process By Using www. aka. ms/add computer on the windows pc:-

  • Launch the web browser on your PC and go to the
  • Sign in to your account by entering your Microsoft username and password.
  • The list of linked Gadgets will be displayed on your display, select the option to unlink for each device you would like to remove from your network.
  • Then open Your Phone Application, then reopen it and all modifications can be saved.


How do I access the companion app for phones?

The Your Phone Companion (YPC) application is available for many Android devices and is also available on the Apple device also. 

What you have to do is locate the application either on the smartphone or the PC within the app section and then install it.

Does your phone’s companion already install?

Yes, in the most current Windows 10 version you’ll find the phone companion application installed on the majority of devices however if it’s not then you can search for it under the apps section and then install it.

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This is how you connect your Android smartphone directly to your Windows PC by using aka. more your PC. This is the issue that has made most people frustrated. 

My phone companion app can be a fantastic method to easily sync your devices and comes with advantages and disadvantages So if you have any questions or concerns, you can leave an answer in the comments below, and we’ll try to be able to help.

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