Pollo Tropical® Customer Survey – www.PolloListens.com 2022

Pollo Tropical® Customer Survey – www.PolloListens.com 2022

If there are chicken-lovers across the USA or in other regions of the globe, chances are they’ve been to Pollo Tropical(r) for their mouth-watering, juicy chicken dishes. 

It could be the custom-designed platters, “Create your own TropiChops(r) Bowls” and Wraps, Sandwiches & Wraps, or the Meals. 

Pollo Tropical

It’s not just the delicious taste that makes them distinctive, but also the particular attention to keeping their chickens free from Trans-fats, hormones, or others. 

It’s a rare blend of delicious and healthy fast food, and it has cultivated a following across the globe. The feedback posted on Tripadvisor, Youtube, and other platforms on the internet is nearly all positive. 

In the past, Pollo Tropical(r) launched a survey titled Pollolistens. The name implies that they are concerned about their customers and that Pollo Tropical(r) pays attention to their customers, and is open to making the changes they would like to see.

The goal of the survey is to collect the feedback of customers and enhance their services based on the data they gather from the survey. 

It allows customers to directly submit suggestions and ensure that they receive the experience they desire. 

Additionally, those who take part and complete the survey also receive the Pollo Tropical(r) Coupon coupon that they can use in any one of the stores.

Customers can participate in this survey through this survey link:- http://www.pollolistens.com/.

However, before jumping into this survey, there are a few things to know:

This survey is only available to customers who have purchased and have an acceptable receipt.

Who can participate in the Pollolistens survey?

  • Anyone who has a valid receipt that is not more than two days at the date of the survey.
  • Anyone who is aged 18 or more.
  • This is a nation-specific survey that is specific to a country. Only Citizens of the USA can take part in this survey.

What do you need to participate in Pollolistens: A Pollo Tropical® Survey?

  • Since the survey is an online survey, you’ll need an internet connection, as well as a device, such as a PC or a laptop, or Smartphone.
  • A receipt issued by the Pollo Tropical(r) restaurant outlet that isn’t more than two days old. Any receipt with a validity of fewer than 2 days can be considered ineligible.
  • Receipt code: There is an address on the receipt which will be required to begin this survey once you’re on their site.
  • Ability to comprehend and read English as well as the Spanish language since the survey is solely in the two languages. The survey is also known as “Polo Tropical(r) Encuesta.
  • Age of 18+. Because the information or feedback is required to enhance their business or experience it is important to seek advice from an experienced professional and anyone who is younger than 18 is usually considered to be underage.
  • Before beginning the survey, it is suggested to write down your concerns and comments as there may be questions about that.
  • Comments and suggestions will also be required to assist them to improve their service by making it a better dining experience for you.

Who is not eligible for participating in this survey?

  • If you or your family member is employed by Pollo Tropical(r) you are not eligible to participate in the Pollolistens survey.
  • employees of sponsors or promotion agencies that are associated with Pollo Tropical(r) are not eligible to take part in this survey.

How to Take Pollo Tropical Survey at PolloListens.com:

It’s a quick and easy survey that will see you required to provide some specifics about yourself as well as answer a few basic questions regarding your experience when you were in the restaurant. Any thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share with us.

Click on the survey link:http://www.pollolistens.com/ or type this link in any web browser.

It will display a web page that displays the message Enter the receipt code below to continue the survey. There is an unfilled box to the right.


There is an option to select a different language. English or Spanish. Pick the one that you feel most comfortable with.


Enter the 16-digit code you received from your receipt in the box provided.


Enter the five codes in the box that is provided to enter the passcode.


In this stage, it will prompt you to fill in your details. Input your details in the field that is provided. (Make sure that the information you enter is exactly as inputting inaccurate information could hinder you’re winning the prize, that could be announced in the future.)


On this page, you’ll get asked to evaluate your experiences with Pollo Tropical(r). This will decide if you like or dislike the place. The more stars you provide, the more you will like the restaurant.


The 7th step is the primary portion of the survey, where you’ll be asked to rate your overall experience, in the form of a survey. 

Fill in your responses honestly and honestly, including any suggestions, complaints, or opinions you think are necessary. Make sure you are clear and precise in your responses so that they will be simple to understand. 

It is expected that you are extremely honest with your evaluation since it will allow them to grow in a real way.

Step 8

After completing the survey successfully After successful completion, you will be issued the Pollo Tropical(r) survey code. Make note of that code on the receipt or in any safe place.

Step 9

It is possible to redeem any discount you gained by using the promo voucher you received at the conclusion of your survey.

Take note that the coupon discount code is valid two days from the time you take the survey, so be sure to redeem it within 2 days.

Pollo Tropical Survey Video Guide 2022

Benefits and rewards from this survey:

The instant reward is a discount coupon that you can use to satisfy your hunger cravings at your favorite food establishment. 

It is possible to use it to not only get their food at a reduced price but also to eat completely free. In addition to these benefits, there is also the chance of winning other prizes which will be announced to those taking part in the survey. It doesn’t end there.

By participating in this survey, you’re making a difference for yourself when you go the next time.

Pollo Tropical(r) will review with care all the comments and suggestions they receive from this poll and then implement the suggestions to provide an experience that is more satisfying. 

The same goes for the flavor, the ambiance, or any other changes you would like to observe. You’ll have a better chance of making the changes you would like to be able to see.

It’s a win for both participants. Through the help of this Pollo Tropical(r) survey, it will allow them to be able to improve the various aspects of their establishment whether it’s the food and hygiene of their food, as well as customer care. 

This will allow them to grow by focusing their efforts and will result in a satisfying experience, which will result in a satisfied customer. 

A satisfied and happy customer will result in a more profitable business. As a patron, you will be able to assist in creating this kind of atmosphere for your favorite restaurant while enjoying its delicious meals.

FAQs about the polls survey:

I am trying to enter the survey, but it’s not getting me through, what could be the issue?

The first and most important thing to consider is that the slow speed of your internet connection may be the reason behind the website not working in the way it ought to. If you notice that your internet connection isn’t working properly restart the page.

Check to ensure you’re using the correct link for the survey. If you typed manually into the link address bar. There is a chance that you may have misspelled it.

If you’re on the page and it’s not moving in the direction of the homepage. It is best to check that you’re entering the correct code.

The code is valid only once. Make sure that the code has not been utilized before.

The coupon code can be used within 2 days after the purchase. Verify the date of purchase upon the invoice. If the receipt has been in circulation for more than two days, there are greater chances that the receipt is not valid.

Can I participate in this “poll listens to survey” without purchasing anything from their restaurant?

The only people who have a receipt can participate in this questionnaire. This is due to the fact that only people who have been to or bought at their stores can provide accurate feedback. 

The purpose of this survey is to improve the quality of food and service in all areas and, therefore, it’s seeking feedback from its customers. 

In order to participate in the survey, you must purchase something in order to receive the receipt, and then enter the coupon on the receipt to take part in the questionnaire.

Is this survey open in other countries? Will, I will be able to redeem the coupon in a different country.?

The survey is only valid for the USA at the moment. This means that you won’t be able to use the poll tropical invite code at various outlets around the world. 

There are outlets across the globe that allow you to make use of the poll tropical coupons codes within the USA.

What is the reason this survey requires personal data?

The only information available is generally such as names and contact numbers which are used to identify the prize winner as well as to distribute vouchers for discounts.

About the Pollo Tropical® journey.

It was 1988 Larry and Stuart were brothers who began to work together. Pollo Tropical (r). It all started out of a passion for food Larry began to devour cookbooks about Latin American cuisine. 

It led to him playing with his own backyard cuisine and concentrating on getting the flavor of grilled chicken marinated to perfection. 

It would later become their most popular dish thanks to the citrus-marinated, grill-cooked chicken. They also took care to ensure it was fresh and free of any hormones. 

Other Caribbean dishes they offered were Sweet plantains, fried yuca slow-cooked black beans TropiChops(r), and authentic sauces which are available for unlimited consumption and are served in the “sauce islands” inside the restaurant.

Pollo Tropical(r) began with humble beginnings. Its first store was located in Miami, Florida. In 1993, they opened eight stores. 

It became a huge success and was later opened in 19 additional locations like Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago as well as New York. 

It eventually became an international multimillion-dollar business with 160 locations across the different regions of South America, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and North America as well as 32 additional international locations around the world.

The Polo Tropical(r) has become something of a community all its own. The main attraction is the excellent tasting food, along with the friendly and pleasant customers who are greeted by their staff. 

They also provide catering as well as driving-through as other convenient ways to relax because as their slogan states “Life’s better under the palm”.


Pollo Tropical(r) set the Guinness record in the world for having the most massive bowl of rice and black beans at the Super Bowl XXIX.

Pollo tropical(r) was awarded a second Guinness world record back in 2010, by serving up to 2000 pounds of salsa at the pre-game Super Bowl party in Miami.

Pollo Tropical(r) serves and cooks more than 1.7 million pounds of yucca every year.

Polo Tropical(r) has won the nation’s restaurant news “Hot Concepts” award twice as well as the famous “Good to Great” award in its native region in South Florida.

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