Vivint Smart Home Security Review (2022)

Vivint Smart Home Security

Security has become a topic of global concern. In reality, the world is confronted with security concerns. Everyone is required to fulfill their part in making the world a secure environment.

This is the reason Vivint Security System into the picture. This review will cover all the essential things you should be aware of about Vivint security cameras. Cameras Reviews

Vivint security cameras

As a global problem home security should be dealt with with a light hand. This is something we must be looking at and also helps us to keep our lives secure and safe.

To be able to see exactly what’s going on within your home while you are at home when your children are at home, or even when other parties are at your children. Vivint security cameras are the best to install strategically within your home.

You can easily monitor the activity in your gadget at any given moment wherever you are yourself. This is all we have said in this article. we’ll review Vivint Security Review and how the system works.

Vivint security is among the top security brands across the United States and has been in the market for more than 20 years.

This shows that they’ve got what it takes to be a better security system, and have more experience than we think is the most qualified instructor.

Based on the outstanding job that was done. Vivint Security has more than 1.4 million customers throughout the United States. This proves that Vivint security knows how to manage security for homes without preconceived notions.

Vivint Security Cameras Pros and Cons

In this article, we will take a look at what we love about the Vivint camera and what we think are the negatives of this security camera.

Vivint Camera is Very Good

It includes Smart Sentry lurker detection

It comes with two-way audio. Every conversation will be recorded clearly

The Security system boasts stunning sharp 1080p video

It is compatible in conjunction with the other Vivint components

It includes a 4K HDR sensor

The Negative aspect of Vivint Security Cameras

There is no zoom feature when recording video

Vivint Cameras are expensive

This requires a Vivint Smart Home Security and an expert installation

Vivint is not compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT.

Vivint Camera Features

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Features Breakdown

Camera Vivint Outdoor Camera
Price $399
Resolution 1080p
Zoom 10X
Degree of vision 140 degrees
Local Storage Yes
Cloud Storage Yes
Two-way audio Yes
24/7 recording Yes
Night vision Yes
Battery or wire Wired

Vivint Installation Overview

Invasiveness (drilling & wiring) Time it Takes
Walk-Through & Consultation NA 10 – 20 minutes
Recessed Sensors Moderate 30-45 minutes
Motion sensors Minimal 5 minutes
Peel and Stick Sensors NA 15 minutes
Garage Door Opener Moderate 20 minutes
Ping Indoor Camera NA 5 minutes
Glass Break Sensors Minimal 5 minutes
Doorbell Camera Pro Minimal 10 minutes
Outdoor Camera Pro Extensive 30 minutes
Contracts/Survey NA 10 minutes
System Training NA 20 minutes
Total Time NA 3 hours

Vivint Installation Pros and Cons

We’ve covered the basics of what could have transpired during the course of installation. Now, let’s consider the merits and drawbacks of installing security cameras from Vivint in your office, home as well as any other areas you can consider.

Merits of Installation Process

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a professional installation the first time around.

The technician will show you how to use the program.

If it is set up wrongly, they can repair it for free.

Equipment placement/mounting consultation

No Back-and-forth with technical support

Overall easier to manage

Demerits of Installing Vivint Camera

It’s a lengthy procedure, particularly when you’re not professional. It is about a three-hour time frame

installation costs might apply, but they aren’t as much as you believe.

A tech will be able to access your home, something you may not be a fan of. But you have to let the technician complete their work

Contracts constitute the standard.

How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

After we’ve covered everything regarding Vivint Camera, it’s time to go through the installation procedure of Vivint security cameras.

The process of installation isn’t difficult or challenging however, sometimes you need may require the help of a specialist. However, this can result in certain charges. 

However, at the end of the day, you’ll appreciate the incredible work that you did.

First in the process is getting the right cameras

The goal you want to do is an essential factor in the selection of the perfect security camera. When you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and what you want to accomplish, purchase your Vivint security camera. 

So, the Vivint camera that comes with these features could be the most suitable.

The motion detector triggers the automatic recording.

WiFi capabilities so your cameras can connect.

 High resolution to produce crisp, clear images.

Night vision LEDs with infrared light for real-time security.

You must consider the range of view

Once you’ve decided on what you would like to get from the cameras you have, I’m sure you’ve purchased them. Decide where you would like to place them.

The camera performs flawlessly with various view angles. The angle of view for cameras differs, and the function differs. The camera working inside a room won’t necessarily work outdoors because of the view’s angles.

So, a camera that has less of an angle is 45deg to 75deg. angle is ideal for the doorway of a porch or next to the driveway that’s towards a car.

If you are installing a camera that has larger frame sizes such as 120deg-180deg, place the camera so that you can benefit from the angle, for example, the garage door.

Set the camera up about 9 feet above the ground, which means it’s not readily accessible and won’t be altered.

Location of Vivint Security Cameras

Make sure to think about the power source. Cameras should be set up in a place that is close to the power source. Wireless cameras can communicate however, they require electricity to function. 

Therefore, you should install Vivint security cameras in an area that has access to an electrical source or offer an alternate source of energy

Think before you drill

The most frequent mistake made by homeowners when installing outdoor cameras is drilling. Once it’s time physically place your cameras on the wall, make sure you are well-informed.

Find the best way to drill the surface so that you don’t damage your home. It is vital that you know what’s behind the wall before you begin drilling. Is there plumbing or electrical wires? pipes?

You’ll reduce time, effort, and money from injuries by making sure that you drill into the right location. Make sure you use the correct-sized drill bits and be patient.


You have now learned about the steps to set up Vivint cameras for security. You are also aware of the factors you need to think about before you buy a Vivint camera.

Once this is in the back of your head and you’re ready to start. However, sometimes, you require the assistance of a professional for a perfect and precise installation.

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